Well, aren’t you a tall one. Good, I like my men to hover over me a bit before they fall to their knees. Strip down, let me see the rest of you. No, no questions, no speaking. I’ll let you know if I want to hear from you. Just stand there and let me look.

You will stand there for five minutes, no speaking, no moving. You will think of just one thing, single focus, the tip of my boot. Remember this is a meditation, it’s about letting go. It’s about leaving behind all thoughts of the mundane, the everyday, the chatter that fills your mind. Let it go, leave it out here. No, it’s not easy. It takes practice. Single Focus; the tip of my boot.

I’m going inside. Don’t think about time. I’ll call you when you’re ready.

Miss Tress

Now, slowly, walk through the curtains, look for the object of your focus. I know you want to look at more; you want to look at my breasts, and then up my thighs under my skirt, but I want to see your eyes on my outstretched boot. Those eyes better not wander, I’m watching close. I can tell your blood is starting to flow now, the practice of restraint is exhilarating, isn’t it?

Miss Tress

On your knees now, slow down, breathe deep, focus. A little closer, close enough so you can lean in and kiss my boot… go ahead. Eyes on the boot! I see you trying to sneak a peak at the pink between my legs, and all that will earn you is a not-so-gentle nudge to the chest with my boot. That’s better… stay, keep your lips there, close your eyes, breathe.

Palms face down on your thighs, don’t even consider touching yourself in any other way without my permission, no matter how badly you ache for it. Stay there, still, just like that with your lips on the tip of my boot, even if your muscles start to shake, don’t fight it, let it go, surrender to it, surrender to me. You’ll stay there until I’m sure you understand.

BODY | skin: Curio – Party Girl – Pure 2 – Sundust w/ Curio – Ice Queen – Lips 2 | tattoo: Silent Sparrow – Crowjane | nails: Mandala Long | hair : Lelutka – Rykiel | eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shine Eyes v2
JEWELRY | Maxi Gossamer – Pearl Necklaces and Kizzy Gypsy Hoops (mesh – marketplace only) | Mandala Takayama Face Piercing
APPAREL | Slink – Leather Thigh High Boots (mesh) | elymode – Facil Skirt (with partial mesh)
ETC | MiaSnow – Flower Skull Rug 1 | LR Weapons – Leather Whip
POSES | elymode poses modified with the Animare HUD

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Sluicide Girl. Alter ego of Elysium Eilde. View all posts by Miss Tress

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