I Ain’t No F*#%@ing Skirtboarder

Skateboarding is one of my passions. My dad got me going in an empty swimming pool when I was three and I’ve been pushing off ever since. I love just taking out any frustrations I might have out on the half-pipe. Yeah, I’ve taken a couple of falls, but I always stand right up and try again.

I like to head over to the local skate park to relax and have a little fun on a hot day. There’s something about the heat coming off of the asphalt and the wood, plus the adrenaline of skating down a drop… there’s nothing like it…

Well. Almost nothing.



Clothes and Props:
.ID. Shine Eyes – Dark Brown
– .HoD. – Hopeful Piercings – Shadowed (modded)
Kyoot – Little Ache Lingerie (White)
RAW HOUSE :: Lightning [Black 05]
[ATOMIC] Sheer Comfort_Cream_worn
*ordinary* -Tarsius- CP Limited edition
Kyoot Makeup – Autumn Feline Makeup – Aubergine
Tiny Bird – Tiny Claws – Hallie’s Soul Shine RARE
-tb- {Pale} C88 Adored Redux
+mocha+ – Loose Socks – Plain Dirty White
AITUI TATTOO – Be My Dream, Hollywood, Puzzle Piece, Sacred Pain
/Top/worn, Star Story (RFL 2010), The Puppet
GB:// Violin F-Holes (D’Ingres) Tattoo
Cobrahive – Sweatband (checkers)
*Action Pink Skateboard


{.:exposeur:.} Bouncer
sb Juxtaposition 9
Glitterati BCA 8

About Mia Dagger

Mia Dagger is naughty tattoo'd grrrl and the alter ego of reclusive cat lady, Clark Bowenford. View all posts by Mia Dagger

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