Making The Bed

You know, it really wasn’t my fault we had to move to a new neighborhood.  The women in our last neighborhood were so stuffy!  I may be married, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t still look amazing, right? And it wasn’t my fault that their husbands enjoyed looking at me and talking to me.  My hubby didn’t much mind when I told him we’d need to move. He said he knew I was a hellraiser from the day he saw me doing body shots in that honky tonk.  But he said as punishment, I’d need to put our bed together myself while he’s at work.


I always play like I don’t know how to fix things, or like I can’t open jars or stomp on spiders.  Hubby says he’s the man and should take care of me.  Believe me, that man takes care of me!  But he knows that I’m more than capable of doing anything I want to do.  Of course, this bed is kind of throwing me for a loop, but I think if I just straddle the bar here and…


If there’s one thing I’ve never been able to say no to, it’s the feel of something hard between my legs.  Whether it’s a toy, a stripper pole, or a man, there’s something about it that just sets me off and makes me forget everything around me!  Forget working on this bed, I need to work on something else!!


Now that’s exactly the kind of welcome I needed for our new house!

Oh, I just heard his car pull up!  Sure hope he doesn’t mind sleeping on the floor, because this bed is not getting made tonight!


In this post:

Skin: Chloe 23 by Belleza

Hairs: Zara and Jacqueline by Truth

Tattoos: Cosmic Garden (Color) by Para Designs

Top: My Milkshake by BOOM

Shorts: Some template thing I bought over 2 years ago

Boots: Olea by Surf Couture

Poses by Exposeur and Long Awkward Pose

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