Storm’s Brewing

The beach is where I feel the most at peace. I lived in south Florida for a while and always enjoyed the humid sea air and crystal water. One of the best stress relievers was lying out on a towel with a flask of something strong hidden somewhere, soaking up sun until it was too hot to stand before taking a nice dip in the ocean.

Of course, when you’re a hot chick lying on a beach with a barely there bikini on, people are bound to take notice. I remember my favorite beach admirer. I could feel his eyes on me while I was lying there. I’d glance his way and see him watching me from the lifeguard stand, watching me with a glint in his green eyes.

He finally came by and introduced himself, saying he was the only lifeguard on duty. I couldn’t stop myself from following the lines of his defined swimmer’s build, mentally running my hands all over him. He pointed off to the distance, noting the dark skies that were moving in fast. If you’ve ever lived in Florida, you know it rains pretty much everyday. He shot me an awkward grin and asked if I wanted to come up to Lifeguard stand, as everyone else had cleared out from the rain threat. Of course I agreed. Can’t leave the poor guy lonely and I still had time to kill. Plus, it helps that he was SO hot. Once we got under the shelter, the electricity in the air amplified the attraction spark between us. He took me gently, wrapping his arms around me and untied my bikini, letting my breasts fall into his hands. Pressing himself against me, we began making out like 8th graders. I could taste the salt on his lips as he explored me on the empty beach. Thunder crashed in the air as we tumbled in the sand. He was strong and eager, devouring every inch of me as the static and his kisses made my hair stand up on the back of my neck. I never did see him again, but I do get to think of him every time there’s a stormy day on the beach.

Listening to: Wavves – King of the Beach

Clothes and Props:

Surf Couture- Retro Reef Bikini- Red

Tiny Bird- Tiny Claws- James Matte

Maitreya bare feet flat w/ Boho anklets

TB light blessa sun kissed dark brows

Cheap makeup Vintage Reds Cherry Lipstick

Boon gathered lower hairbase

Boon TUN247 hair black

ID Shine Eyes Dark Brown

Aitui- Be my dream (fresh), Hollywood, Sacred Pain Top (faded), Star Story (Faded), The Puppet

GB Violin F-Holes (D’Ingres) Tattoo

[TS] Sculpted Nipples – Smooth

I&K Captive Nipple Rings Silver Double


ID Shine eyes- Dark Green

*Drot* – The Kellin2.0 – Dark Chocolate

– .HoD. – The Beast’s Mark Piercings

the body co. Blaze (01 Fair) black

Swimsuit- *Action Mens Boardies Hibzy – Gray

AITUI TATTOO – Underworld Journey /Upper Body/


(pda) Medicine

! MEYA ! ~ Seduction, Couple Pose


Shot at Artilleri Beach (Note: This land is actually G rated. Whoops. I don’t suggest spending loads of time naked here, but see, I’m a rebel… so… yanno. I get naked WHEN I WANT)

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Mia Dagger is naughty tattoo'd grrrl and the alter ego of reclusive cat lady, Clark Bowenford. View all posts by Mia Dagger

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