On A Trip

Hey darlins! After all the work I did decorating our new home (well, supervising the work, mostly), the Hubby decided I should come along to the city with him on his business trip. He’s very very good at what he does, so we were set up in a nice apartment for our stay. He wheeled and dealed, and I spent my time shopping, going to the spa, and getting some extensions. So I decided that while he went to a business dinner tonight, I’d stay in, take a hot bath, and settle in with some wine and television. Perfect day!

As much as I do enjoy dressing up and being the Hubby’s arm candy, I’m just as happy inside watching TV! But don’t you hate how the channels are different in every city? I can nev… Oh, hello. What’s THIS channel??

We certainly don’t get this channel in the suburbs, I’ll tell you that much!  Maybe we should.  Teach some of those stuck up housewives a lesson.  Oh, this is quite good. I almost feel like I know that girl from somewhere.  I love when someone is into their work. It makes me feel…

The city certainly has its advantages, wouldn’t you agree?  And Hubby is about to find out one of the best ones, because look who is back!  I hope he’s not too tired from his meeting, because his night is just beginning.

In This Post:

Skin: Chloe #0 by Belleza

Hair: TwentyFour by Magika

Towel: JKD Wrapped by Leri Miles Designs

Feet: Mesh Barefeet by SLink

Ring: Devotion Bridal by Earthstones

Tattoo: Cosmic Garden by Para Designs

Poses by aDORKable Poses & Long Awkward Pose [some modded by me with Avimote]

Skybox: Modern Furnished Skybox by FE Designs

“Porn” by Kissez4U GossipGirl [Thanks, Kissy!]

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