A Typical Saturday Night

By his presence on stage.. you could tell.

By the swagger and sway of his hips jumping to punctuate each music note.. you could tell he knew his way around the curves of a guitar or an ample body, and we were just like teenage girls in heat that pushed our way to the front of the stage to get his attention.

We didn’t quite know at the time when Georgia Grace removed her cashmere sweater and hurled it at his feet that he would look at us in a new way while catching sight of her tattoos. After that.. his eyes remained focused on the four of us and Fizzy smiled up at him in that way that only Fizzy Martini knows how and you could tell he was hooked.

Lolli Popz made a few phone calls and we pushed our way backstage to where he was. Then, almost as if it were a dream we were escorted back to his luxury hotel room and yes, the five of us tumbled right into his bed.

Rolling around on the softly scented lavender sheets I could not tell where one body ended and the other began but I all I knew is that it was intoxicating, no alcohol needed. He managed make each of us feel like we were the only girl in the room.. and while he was busy with another girl I was busy with Georgia or Fizzy.. who did not seem to mind.

I’m not sure who managed to take photos of us that night. Maybe it was Lolli. She sat a bit on the sidelines lending a hand when needed. I still blush when I think of that night and then what happened next.

When the girls had fallen asleep.. he took me by the hand down to the pool and we went for a dip. After our swim we were wet bodies clinging together under the moonlight. He sung in my ear words that make me shiver to this day and I almost have to wonder if it all really happened or if it was all only a dream.

Maybe it was just a typical Saturday night.


On Fizzy Martini
Lingerie: Adam n Eve Clothes Ana Lace Panty & Bra Popcorn
Tattoo: Virtual/Insanity – Love of a Woman 1
Eyemake up: *elymode* makeup – Gluttony shadows – raspberry (full) (Only available at Festival of Sin)
Necklace: (Caroline’s) Broken Long Strand White Pearls
Lashes: *Beauty Avatar* REGINA – Eyelashes 03
Piercing: *Vivico*Lip piercing silver

On Georgia Grace:
AITUI TATTOO – The Crane [Faded]…
{Luxuria} Alicia – panties *seafoam*
>TRUTH< Maggie – seaspray
Slink Eyelashes (Mesh)
Slink Mesh Feet L (Rigged)
[AB] Infinity Diamond Dual on Plat *chest*
-Glam Affair- Linn Natural – BL CLEAN
Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes (Twilight Steel, w4)

On Lolli Popz:
Skin: Apple May Designs – Giselle
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ – Sybille Mesh Hair
Feet: Slink – Jolie Pied
Lingerie {Luxuria}– Belinda
Necklace – *League* – Wanderer
Rings: +ROZOREGALIA+ – *Carpe diem No. 3* and Earthstones Devotion Bridal Set
Tattoos: Garden of Ku – Rock & Beer and Aitui – Fuse
Piercings: Nox. – Fearless Piercing

On Honey Vesper:
Skin: Al Vulo in Polly
Lipstick: Pekka in Flavor
Hair: Oscar from Lelutka in Almost Goth
Necklace: Dark Mouse for Project Themeory
Tattoo: Koi Pond by Essential Soul (At Festival of Sin)
Boots: Triumph Boots by Gos (At Festival of Sin)
Tights: League Side Garters in Floral

On the Rockstar:
Honey Vesper, Lolli Popz, Georgia Grace and Fizzy Martini.

Props and Poses:
Poses We aint born typical and That’s our arrangement by Ampersand for photos one and two. For photo three, Lover to lover by Exposuer, all three poses at the Festival of Sin.

Bed: Taylor Adult bed from Mudhoney. – Festival of Sin
House by Trompe Loeil Prefabs and Customs – Ka’u Beach Skybox – Festival of Sin

About Honey Vesper

Honey Vesper is the much sexier doppelganger of Second Life Resident Sylvia Olivier. View all posts by Honey Vesper

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