An Easy Breezy Kinda Day

What a beautiful day! The sea – calm, apart from its recurring splash against the rocks. The smell of the salty air – thick, as the sun bears down hot. Of course, there was nothing better to do than to relax and enjoy it, wouldn’t you say?

I’ve been absent, I know. Not that you have missed me with my fellow SLuicide Girls here to entertain. I’ve been busy. So many gigs and tours to photograph, a wild trip back to London to visit my friends and moving to the seaside.

I’ve managed to take a day off from my increasingly busy schedule and enjoy my new home and beach. It’s the perfect day for it!

 I love easy days of relaxation and just watching the sun move slowly across the sky. Soaking the sun’s rays into my silky, lotion-rubbed skin, until I’m hot to touch. Of course, when my skin starts to become unbearably hot, I wade into the cool, crystal blue water to cool off.

Oh the feeling of cool water bathing my toasty skin. So good. The waves beating gently against my body in a slow rhythm. Mmmm! All that’s missing now, is my mer-prince.

Where is he hiding?

Hair – TRUTH Lykie by Truth Hawks [MESH]
Skin –
AMD Giselle by Apple May
Feet – SLink Jolie Pied Feet by Siddean Munroe
Tattoos – Garden of Ku Rock & Beers by danel Kurosawa & AITUI Fuse by Jesseaitui Petion
Piercings – Nox. Hope Piercing by Anya McConach
Bikini – BOOM Infinity Bikini Top & Bottom by Aranel Ah


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