In Dreams

The dream always starts the same each time. I am standing on top of the stage of a very old but regal looking theater. I am the only one there and I am practicing a dance of sort while dressed up like a burlesque girl.

My costume consists of a whale boned white sating corset with silver pasties underneath for the final moments when I show the crowd that I am daring, wild and uninhibited gal. The bottom is a bunch of feathers and ruffled lace panties and I am wearing elegant, heeled boots all in white with cherry red lips. All innocent, but not quite.

I dream that I am rehearsing for my stage debut, “Ms. Honey’s Burlesque Review”. I smile to the imaginary crowd and shake my hips, blowing kisses, smiling and teasing. My corset is peeled off to reveal silver pasties over my nipples.. but the crowd wants more and their voices caress me like ocean waves bathing my skin in ripples.. I feel them touch me with shock waves of pleasure, the way their eyes take me in warming my skin flush.

One by one I peel the pasties from my nipples, preening and posing pretty for cheers of the crowd to the beat of the music throbbing beneath me on the stage.

Then my eyes meet hers, the woman that is always in the dream. Her smile humbles me and she crooks her finger and I follow her ignoring the crowd…

She then takes me backstage and just before she kisses me I wake up twisted in my own damp sheets and she is gone. I wake up with the whisper of her name just barely leaving my lips and in an instant it is gone.

I don’t know who she is but if you see her please send her my way.


Burlesque outfit – “Good Girl” by Chanimations/deviousBeauty
Jewels: – Donna Flora in the Willa Set
Tattoo on Back: CandyDoll – Bow Tattoo
Tattoo on Torso: Huz – Chikka
Skin – Illusory “Grace”
Eyes – Insufferable Dastard “Deep Hazel”
Hair – Elikatira “Looking in Blonde 02”
Boots – Gos “Desire Mesh Boots” – Fatpack shown in White
Poses – !bang and PDA
Location – The Looking Glass by Marcus Inkpen

About Honey Vesper

Honey Vesper is the much sexier doppelganger of Second Life Resident Sylvia Olivier. View all posts by Honey Vesper

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