Movie Badass

I’ve always wanted to be the badass heroine of a movie. Like, a Milla Jovovich or Michelle Rodriguez type chick with a gun, that rages in and takes out EVERYONE. 

I often get stoned and fantasize that I’m in a Quentin Tarrintino movie or something, or some kind of Mad Max post-apocalyptic disaster movie and it’s up to ME to save humanity from whatever impending doom is headed this way.

Hopefully, if I ever somehow manage to land a role in a movie like that OR the end of the world really does happen, I’ll get paired up with a hottie to repopulate civilization. 😉

Listening to: Down in Mexico – The Coasters 

Clothes n’ Stuff:

[Shag] – Pussy Galore (roots) – butterscotch
AITUI TATTOO – When the beast. Black Epoch Edition
AITUI TATTOO – Anchored Swallow
AITUI TATTOO – Puzzle Piece
DUTCH TOUCH- Fishnet Stockings with holes and socks Grey Stripes
**DECO – Lumbermine Boots**
*League* Frayed Denim Shorts -Warm Blue
Kari – Barb Watch FLF
[LeLutka]-HAIRBASE Pitch
****Picnic lace gloves
.ID. Shine Eyes – Dark Brown
*Linc* Open Buttoned Dress Fight Club
*Linc* Sinken Dress Black
More than Allergies Nosebleed by Miss Shippe’s Studio
Cheap Makeup-Gutter Liner Jewel
Miss Shippe’s Studio: Been Digging in the Dirt: Season’s Hunt


Olive Juice- Huntress 1 (From EPOCH)
dfo! [tsh] gone huntin’ Gun and poses

Big thanks to Till Hapmouche for the great tag line in the movie poster. LOL

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Mia Dagger is naughty tattoo'd grrrl and the alter ego of reclusive cat lady, Clark Bowenford. View all posts by Mia Dagger

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