An Attic Full of Treasures

I was house sitting at my aunt’s. She lives in this beautiful old house near the lake, and I had been enjoying the water and the warm spring weather all weekend. Before she left, my aunt told me that if I wanted to, I should feel free to explore the attic, where she stored her old books, and also where the previous owners had left some stuff. I’m such a bibliophile, so that afternoon, when my skin felt a little hot from the sun, I wandered up the stairs….

I gasped as I got there, the floor was full of trunks, suitcases, racks with clothes from long gone eras and stacks and stacks of beautiful but dusty books were scattered all over the floor.  In the little afternoon sunlight that entered from the small window, I picked up a book and caressed the cover, almost like I would caress a lover …

This was, after all, not so strange. Books used to be my companions. My get away from the dull every day life where the chubby girl with the odd elven ears used to be  the butt of her class mates jokes and petty bullying. I loved the fairy tales of  the Grimm brothers. I could read and dream all day because one day, that prince would come for me and take me on his horse to his kingdom, and we would live happily ever after…

The books in this attic were of a whole different nature. I had never seen such a huge collection of neglected erotica. The old books, full of  tempting texts and illustrations to make you blush, made that it seemed even hotter in here than it had be in the plain sun.  With a smile I sat down on a rug with my back against a stack of books,  stretched and relaxed. Gently I blew off the dust from the book and started to read.

♥, Jinx
What I am wearing: Hair Georgina by Truth, Hairbase by Truth, Eyes by Ikon, Elven ears by Illusory, Glasses Gregoire by Entente, Skin Giselle by Glam Affair (out later today), necklace by Miriel -no longer available-,  Baroque Blossoms tattoo by Tenjin, Angel panties by The Bishes Inc. Sky Box by A:S:S, Piano by LISP, Book pose prop by Virtual Props.

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