Dirty Laundry

He left this morning for work and I decided it was time to start a little laundry. I tossed his tank top on, lit a cigarette and started loading the washer. I could still smell him on his shirt.

I lifted it off and tossed it in with everything else, but his scent continued to overwhelm me. I picked it back out of the washer and smelled it around the collar and chest, imagining the way it smelled while it was still on his body.

I couldn’t take it anymore. My hand acted independently from my body, finding its way into my skimpy cotton panties. Something tells me these little panties will find themselves in the washer pretty soon too.


Just because I want my clothes clean, doesn’t mean I have to be.

Listening to: Lisa Mitchell – Coin Laundry

Clothes n’stuff

[NSD] BonJour Tank-Blue/ Season Hunt
.ID. Shine Eyes – Dark Brown
!Lamb- Oleander- Cruella (edited)
Kyoot – Soft Words Lingerie (Soft Blue)
-tb- {Light} C88 Anna Skin
mijn.botique / skincare / face beauty marks
AITUI TATTOO – Anchored Swallow
AITUI TATTOO – Hollywood
AITUI TATTOO – Puzzle Piece
AITUI TATTOO – Star Story (RFL 2010)
AITUI TATTOO – When the beast. Black Epoch Edition
GB:// Violin F-Holes (D’Ingres) Tattoo
FNKY! Cigarette II


[R] Hamper Basket
:: rucott :: Shelf – C2 –
(iTuTu) Woody Sink / natural
-RC- Laundry Basket (full), Detergent, Hangers, and Clustyclean Stackable Washing Machines (white)
FNKY! Cigarette II Red 20 Packet
FNKY! Ash Tray
*KOPI* white wardrobe
BP*Rug with slipper and socks/gray
(iTuTu) Woody kitchen table /wood-top/ natural
A:S:S – Aeon skybox


PDA-  Mule Skinner Blues (Vice)

Del May – Wait For Me

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