Beyond a hand
held beyond itself
the mist is too thick to see.


A dream fragment (a phrase
I wanted to remember)
goes mute in this—
extinguished. Call it
consciousness. What
we lose to recover.


Acacia branches bend
the hill's edge
off-orange. A blur,
a deeper blur.
A clarity I can't carry.


Poem: Another Rehearsal for Morning by Joseph Massey

Furnishings by: Cheeky Pea, Nodari, Drobek, Mish Mish, Trompe Loeil, vespertine, Lisp, and floorplan

Poses by Exposeur

Blacklace – Revelry: Champagne Satin Panty
AITUI – The Puppet/faded/, Puzzle Piece I, Star Story Top/faded/I, Hollyword, Be My Dream [Fresh]
Illusory_Freckles – Milk
mijn.botique/skincare/face beauty marks
Lamb – Adore (Mesh) – Washed Out
FIR & MNA Trinity Wrist Tie – Canvas
Lolas Tango Mesh Breasts
Slink Mesh Feet and Hands
Glam Affair – Amberly – Europa Frostbite 01 D
Insufferable Dastard Darkest Browns/Chocolate

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Mia Dagger is naughty tattoo'd grrrl and the alter ego of reclusive cat lady, Clark Bowenford. View all posts by Mia Dagger

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