Behind The Scenes

Behind the gratuitous flashes of flesh, we are fashion lovers, content creators, bloggers, stylists, models, business owners, innovators, girlfriends, wives, best friends, lovers, enemies, nerds, bitches, plurkers, and overall completely fabulous.

Who We Are:

The Original SLuicideGirls:

Fizzy Martini – Magenta DeVinna
Ginger Fury – RubyStarlight Writer
Jilli Bean – Feles Seitan
Jinx Petite – Grazia Horwitz
Maddy Grymm – Anessa Stine (Retired)
Miss Tress- Elysium Eilde
Pepper Snow – Willow Zander (Retired)
Zoe Loft – December Dollinger (Retired)

2nd Generation SLuicideGirls:

Deja Vue – Elusyve Jewell (Retired)
Elizabeth Friday – Makenzie Irling (Retired)
Honey Vesper – Sylvia Olivier
Lolli Popz – Sapphire Coakes
Piper Floyd – Randi Lenroy (Retired)
Shibuya Sugar – Iris Ophelia (Retired)

3rd Generation SLuicideGirls:

Devlin Lace – Shamrawk Bailly
Georgia Grace – Caelan Hancroft
Mia Dagger – Clark Bowenford
Trixie Belle – Alicia Chenaux

While we love fashion and all we do in our regular SLives, there’s a side of us we don’t always get to express.  The naughty side, the bitchy side, the bare side, the kinky side, the rough side…. here we get to express that suppressed little vixen, and show off a whole other field of amazing aspects of SL.

We are completely inspired by the RL Suicide Girls, and why wouldn’t we be? These bitches are fierce, sexy, hot and far more interesting than your standard bimbo bunny.  While the real Suicide Girls have nothing to do with fashion, we can’t help but take some inspiration from their own personal style to showcase in our little virtual world, while they show off their…  assets… in the real world. 😉

Trademarks and Copyrights? Get a grip.  We’ve spoken with the folks at and they are A-OK with this blog.

Questions or PR about the blog as a whole – Please contact RubyStarlight Writer

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