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About Mia Dagger

Mia Dagger is naughty tattoo'd grrrl and the alter ego of reclusive cat lady, Clark Bowenford.




Beyond a hand
held beyond itself
the mist is too thick to see.


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Dirty Laundry

He left this morning for work and I decided it was time to start a little laundry. I tossed his tank top on, lit a cigarette and started loading the washer. I could still smell him on his shirt.

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Movie Badass

I’ve always wanted to be the badass heroine of a movie. Like, a Milla Jovovich or Michelle Rodriguez type chick with a gun, that rages in and takes out EVERYONE.  Continue reading

I’m Definitely NSFW

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Storm’s Brewing

The beach is where I feel the most at peace. I lived in south Florida for a while and always enjoyed the humid sea air and crystal water. One of the best stress relievers was lying out on a towel with a flask of something strong hidden somewhere, soaking up sun until it was too hot to stand before taking a nice dip in the ocean.

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I Ain’t No F*#%@ing Skirtboarder

Skateboarding is one of my passions. My dad got me going in an empty swimming pool when I was three and I’ve been pushing off ever since. I love just taking out any frustrations I might have out on the half-pipe. Yeah, I’ve taken a couple of falls, but I always stand right up and try again. Continue reading