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About Georgia Grace

Blowing society away... One ball at a time. Georgia Grace is the Southern, blonder alter ego of Caelan Hancroft.


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Southern Belles Like it Hot and Steamy

Daily bathing, light perfume, clean and nice-looking hair, manicured nails… some may call it high maintenance, but to a good Southern Belle it is necessity. Momma used to have to hogtie and drag me to the bath when I was a little girl, but now bath time is one of my favorite times of day, second to only bedtime, if y’all catch my drift.

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Presenting Georgia Grace

A Southern Belle must be presented into society with a Cotillion Ball in her honor.

Hi y’all! I am just pleased as punch to make your acquaintance and it’s your pleasure – I assure you. Like every Southern Belle, I had a Cotillion Ball. It was a little later than most. My Daddy, bless his soul, wanted me to finish my education first. After Daddy passed on, Momma turned into a lush and graduated from mint juleps to moonshine. I was entertaining a gentleman caller on the front porch one night when Momma caught us. She got the vapors and had a tragic fall off the front porch. Since Momma and Daddy were gone, my Cotillion was left up to my Uncle John and his wife. His wife disliked me more than a mosquito on a humid summer’s night and insisted my Cotillion be held at their home rather than the Country Club. That night, I wore a gorgeous white gown, tons of pancake makeup covering my tattoos, Momma’s pearls, and the “Hussy Red” lipstick my Uncle’s wife hated so much.

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