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I'm an original SLuicide Girl. Delicious as sunshine, refreshing as rain.....Oh and kinky as fuck... but don't tell anyone?

An Attic Full of Treasures

I was house sitting at my aunt’s. She lives in this beautiful old house near the lake, and I had been enjoying the water and the warm spring weather all weekend. Before she left, my aunt told me that if I wanted to, I should feel free to explore the attic, where she stored her old books, and also where the previous owners had left some stuff. I’m such a bibliophile, so that afternoon, when my skin felt a little hot from the sun, I wandered up the stairs….

I gasped as I got there, the floor was full of trunks, suitcases, racks with clothes from long gone eras and stacks and stacks of beautiful but dusty books were scattered all over the floor.  In the little afternoon sunlight that entered from the small window, I picked up a book and caressed the cover, almost like I would caress a lover …
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Day Dreamer

Kissed by the sun, by the soft summer’s breeze. My muscles relaxing in the warmth of the afternoon.

Birds singing, the little waves on the lake whispering when they touch the shore. thoughtlessly I draw a finger over my skin and I smile as I drift off in a day dream and then it’s not the sun kissing me anymore.
Your lips brush softly over mine and instead of the waves, it’s your voice whispering in my ear the nefarious thoughts you have been having. And I am pretty sure that the deep red blush on my cheeks has nothing to do with being in the sun too long….

I love a dirty mind. after the cut because it’s a nude pic……

Picture Perfect

I needed new pass photos for my ID renewal, so I hit one of those photo booths to make some. I hate pass photos, I always look horrible. More like your friendly neighborhood criminal.

While sitting there and trying to look my best, I thought it would be much more fun to make him a little preview of the fun shopping for the weekend  which I just did, so after peeking out from under the booth’s curtain to make sure the coast was clear, I decided to give it a go…..

Let me tell you, those cabins are too small to get comfortably undressed, but hey… it’s the effect that counts, no?

For your shopping list:

Hair Bell (Cornsilk) by Analog Dog
Skin: Grace by Atomic
Ears: Elven ears 1 by Illusory
Glasses: Gregoire by Entente
Tatoo: You asked for Love by Inflict
Top: dirndl by
Cardigan: Impromptu by Fishy Strawberry
Undies: Little Ache by Kyoot
Poses by Rack (including the cuffs)
Photo booth by Nylon Outfitters

The Perils of Rock ‘n Roll Decadence

You may wonder where I have been all this time. Truth be told… I have been busy. Not being my usual boring workaholic. I took a leave of absence I was fed up and tired of the office rat race. So I took a couple of weeks off and spend them finding my swing back. I have been going out with my besties, to clubs, listening to bands playing and feasting on the handsome, baddass drop dead sexy musicians. And then there was this singer of that Guns ‘n Roses cover band who during the gig had his eyes locked on me… and after the gig totally got me drunk. Yes. I do get drunk on occasion, from the booz as well as his attentions.

I ended up at his loft.. and stayed a while…not that I had much choice… handsome bastard

I so need a vacay now… who will take me?

As usual, I’m not wearing much: Skin Amelie clean by Aida Ewing for Glam Affair ~ Hair Pretend by Elikapeka Tiramisu for Elikatira ~ Tattoo Oriental by Hunain Bellic for HUZ tats ~ Elf ears Sacchara by Siddean Munro for SLink,  Chair with pose by Chandra Meehan for Devious Minds, Build Kean-TUG-House by Matthew Lacombe.

What the rocker is wearing? I couldn’t care less… he’s great with his hands though

When I Can’t Sleep

At nights like that, no matter how tired I am, or how hard I try, I just can’t sleep. It feels like there is a storm raging in my head. Too many thoughts that I just can’t get to shut up. I eventually will get up and wander through my silent and dark apartment. I will stop in the kitchen, hesitating in front of the fridge, debating with myself to take a glass of milk and attack the cookie jar… but then I look at my hips, and  again, I win this little fight with myself and do NOT give in to a nocturnal binge.

At nights like that, there really is only one thing that eventually will lull my thoughts and give me peace to sleep. No, it’s not the strong arms of my lover, our kisses and passionate lovemaking. Continue reading

Good Morning!

Best time of the day? When the sun comes up. Those crispy early spring mornings that I love standing at the open window and breath in the fresh air, even though it may still be freezing. I listen to the birds and the sound of the lake.

I glance over my shoulder and see him being still fast asleep.

A nice hot shower will solve the physical effects of the cold quickly, but after that? I might just want to crawl back in bed and get some play time and neither of us will feel the cold from the open window and doors in the bedroom. So invigorating!


Other need to knows:

Hair Florence by Truth in Ivory
Skin Paige by Illusory
Elven ears A1 by Illusory
Tattoo Mash up Color Dark v2 by Para Designs

Waiting… Impatiently

– Jinx? I wanted to ask you something… can you come pick me up at the airport tomorrow?
– In the afternoon? Yes, I think I can do that, why?
– Well… I kinda missed you, and I’d love to see you. Besides, the idea of you driving me home….
– I’ll be there. See you tomorrow, sexy.

So he likes the idea of me playing his chauffeur? But I don’t always drive my sexy little girly car…. I’ll pick him up, sure… but he may be surprised!

Skin by Illusory
Tattoo HUZ Tattoos (out soon)
Helmet & dust mask by Hatmechanic
Vest by Aoharu
Fishnets by Blowpop
Boots by J’s
Bike, including poses by 19MC


Today started as one of those boring days at work. I have been in and out of meetings and the project i’m on is getting close to the final deadline. Every member of the team has been  delivering their final contributions and I have been checking all the bits for consistency and running a last check on calculations.  Normally I love days like this, but today I just couldn’t concentrate.

It was just after noon when I heard a soft knock on my office door. I expected the secretary to enter with the latests prints of the charts, but instead when I looked up I saw him standing there, closing the door behind him with a soft click. Tanned, sharply dressed and with that look on his face that makes me weak in the knees. “Hey” I said, as I jumped up to give him a kiss “Have you come to take me to lunch?”

Soon as I kissed him he pulled my top out of my skirt and in no time he had his hands all over me and I found myself straddled on his lap, naked and captured in his arms. “Not quite” he growled, in between kisses “I’ve come to take you for lunch…. but I’ll take you to dinner if you’re good to me.”

Skin: LAQ Nellie fair
Hair: Truth Courtney swedish blonde
Ears: Illusory elven ears a1
Tattoo: HUZ Tattoos Por Vida (beta, unreleased to date)
Glasses: Reek Augie glasses
Blouse: Malt Allyn shirt misty grey
Shoes: Orange Creations Chandra heels black
Furniture: The Loft
Pose: Exposeur Sigh No More

Shall I Compare Thee….

I have been taking these poetry classes since last fall. It’s fascinating and totally different from what I normally do. Well, ok, I admit, my fascination is not so much about the poetry as it is about the guy teaching it. Oh dear… He’s like this nerdy but really sexy man with the deepest blue eyes you have ever seen and ash blond hair that  always looks like he has just gotten out of bed. And his voice… sends shivers down my spine.

Yesterday, he was explaining things about Shakespeare and now we are to write a sonnet in his style… but all I can think of is the way he smiled at me when he read Sonnet 18… Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day…. and how firmly he took the side of James Boyd-White in referring to the subject as a her, while most of the critics agree that Mr. Shakespeare, indeed, wrote this sonnet in praise of a male friend. Yeah, I know, I’m rambling… but dayum, the prof is sexy when he talks analytics. Drool worthy.

Oh well… it’s time for a nice, long shower and a glass of wine and then I’ll start over. After all, practice makes perfect, and besides, I am pretty sure that, if I ask politely, he would be more than willing to give me some private tutoring. Wouldn’t you?

♥, Jinx


Skin by Illusory, Paige
Ears by Illusory, Elven 1a
Tattoo by HUZ, Mahuika (faded)
Hair by LAQ , Horizon and Maitreya, Taryn
Top by Fore, Upper Button Shirt
Shorts by Whippet & Buck, Jessica knot shorts (dove)
Photoble by Mudhoney & Glitterati

Those Red Boots

Last night, I ended up in MA’s bed again after a late night supper and a couple of drinks. Yeah, I know… too much is not good for a girl… but hey, it’s weekend, so who cares! However, I had a lot to do the next day, so despite the temptation, eventually I got up and ready to go.

“Jinx?” he asked, with that soft, but not to be ignored, voice “sit down for a moment.” and he patted on the bed. I figured that a minute more or less wouldn’t make a difference so I sat down  and asked what was bothering him. “Nothing, really” he said “you looked so beautiful tonight. I will be gone for business most of next week, but I want you to do something for me… will you do me a favor?”  Of course I would… I’d do that guy a million favors if he wanted me to, if only he would promise to ravish me again as soon as he got back from the damn business trip. “I  want you to take a good look at yourself, and throughout the week take a picture of yourself, just like this… your hair loose, naked…. with nothing on but those boots and mail that to me.”

I smiled foolishly  “I have a better idea… I suck at taking pics, and especially of myself. Why don’t you get out of bed and take some of me. No, not here, silly… that’s no fun… let’s go outside.” I quickly put just my coat on and stuffed the rest of my clothes in my bag. He laughed and told me I was crazy while he hurried to get some pants and shoes on and within 5 minutes we were out the door.

We got off the subway at this place where we knew there was some great graffiti on the wall as well as a concentration of sleazy night clubs, so while my nudity might raise an eye brow, it was likely not to cause immediate problems. As we surfaced from the subway station, I  got nervous. Me and my drunk ideas! But there was no way back, MA was determined now to make this happen. After vainly trying to talk him out of it, eventually I quickly droppped my trenchcoat and he started to shoot, encouraged by some people passing by…. I was blushing all over my body, but luckily with the light, you don’t see that. I was glad as it was over, but also hot as hell… so end of story was that MA came back home to my place, and well… I didn’t get much done the next day.

♥, Jinx

Need to knows:

Skin & Ears by Illusory
Hair by Lamb
Tattoo by HUZ Tattoos
Prim Gloves by Miamai
Boots by Bax Coen
Background Photography by Willow Llewellyn for SL Stock Photography group on Flickr