Fizzy Martini


First and foremost I’m a lady. I may do unspeakable things in public places but I do them with class. I adore romance and presents but I don’t care if the presents are handcuffs or diamonds…preferably  diamond encrusted handcuffs. I know what I want and I intend to get it but I love to please while I’m doing it.

My style? Imagine Princess Di as a hooker and you’d be pretty close. I like pretty jewels, lacey, slutty underwear, tattoos, make up, piercings and I love heels, the higher the better. If you want my undying affection and attention then provide me with any of those.

INTO: Breasts, mean men, puppies, pointing and laughing at others, pink sparkles.

NOT INTO: Bad manners, whiny men, being unhappy, spitting, liars.

GETS ME HOT: Silk scarves, handcuffs, spanking, saying please.

FAVORITE POSITION: Anyway you want me.

I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME: Thinking of ways to be better than you.


Where I Shop:

Kyoot, Little Pricks, Ploom, TRUTH, !lamb., HUZ Tats, VIRTUAL/INSANITY, Aitui, Glam Affair, Lara Hurley Skins, Cheap Makeup, TIK TOK, Cynful, Gos, Luck Inc and many more…

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