Ginger Fury

Eccentric, sarcastic, intelligent and cynically romantic.  I’m a walking contradiction.  I’m not girly, but I’m all girl.  I rarely smile, but I love to laugh.  My tongue is my greatest asset, and my greatest weapon. I cuss like a sailor, but demand to be treated like a lady.  I’m rough and frequently bandaged and bruised from various activities that are actually none of your fucking business.

Likes: Cigarettes, cruel men, shiny objects,  Brian M. Viveros

Dislikes: Small talk, small minds, small problems, small cars, small dicks

My Taste In Men: Strong, loyal, intelligent, arrogant bastards who can treat me like a queen, love me like an angel, and fuck me like he owns me.

Status: You’ll know if I’m interested.


My Personal Style:

I may be a woman who exudes sexuality.  My clothing is eclectic… rockabilly style, clubwear, menswear… I might even class it up from time to time… I don’t fit into any pigeonholes.  I like what I like.  Blood red hair is my signature to match my fiery temperament…

Hair and shoes = love. Elikatira, Shiny Things, Gos, Wasabi Pills, Ingenue, Nardcotix, Alice Project, Maitreya, lamb., Clawtooth….etc etc

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