Hannah Bree

I’m like your typical girl next door…with a twist. You know that girl you grew up with? The one you could tell wasn’t what she seemed to be. That’s me. I could be any girl, in any town, anywhere..but once you get to know me, I really open up..and I mean really open. There is nothing ordinary about me, but you’d never know that unless I told you.

Underneath my dark and mysterious exterior I am a bit of a girly girl at heart. My style can be quite eclectic and I like to glam it up. Music is the life blood that fuels me and I have a soft spot for boys in bands. I’ve got a heart of gold but the mouth of sailor. I use my sweetness and charm to lure you in and keeping you begging for more with my curves and my ink. And once I’ve got you, there’s no getting away. I’ll have you hooked on me in no time. Nobody ever really believes that when I say it, but it’s true. I know what I want and I know how to get it…and I’m not afraid to get a little dirty when I have to.

Likes: My boy toy, getting rough and rowdy, loud music, makeup, big hair, heels (the higher the better!), & big gaudy jewelry.

Dislikes: Attitudes, overly cocky men, bad hair days, and not getting my way.

Stores I adore: Imbue, Bellballs Essentials, Aura, Izzie’s, Elikatira, Exile, Burley, Sleepy Bozer, Tee*fy, Illusory, Lamb, paper.doll, D.Select, Kyoot, Luck Inc, SLink, Willow, and lots of others!

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