Honey Vesper

Name: Honey Vesper

Grey Goose, naps, felines, tattoos, piercings, boots, books, accents, tea, indie rock, older music, punk rock, Anais Nin, Erotica, lingerie, writing haikus, poetry, glam, astrology, Dark Chocolate, anything retro, Pin up girls, Burlesque, bubble baths, jewelry, shopping, fun and so much more.

Not into:
Bling, body oil, mullets, close minded people, bad spelling and people that tell me no.

Favorite food: Sushi

Vices: Coffee, Camera and Cinema.

Sexual Orientation:

It depends on who is asking.

Gets me hot:
Having my hair pulled, being told what to do/dominated by butch “daddy” types only, dominating femmes, being spanked, roleplay fantasies, smarts, nerdiness, sex in public, teasing men,  being spoiled.. and people that can make me laugh.

Favorite places to shop: Lelutka, Lamb, Mon Tissu, Tram, Maitreya, Gos, Huz Tats, Jane, Elikatira, Shag, Haus of Darcy, League, Illusory, Atomic, Aoharu, Curio, Truth, Baiastice, Ronsem, PXL, MOOD, Addict, ..and oh so many more.

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