Jinx Petite

I like when a guy makes me feel like a woman and a little girl at the same time…

I’m in your head, haunting your dreams, appealing both to your caring and your kinky side. I love girly stuff, dancing in front of the mirror, photography, writing erotica,  surprising my friends,  strong intelligent men, & gorgeous boys to play with.

People who think they are friggin’ awesome and fake dominants make me want to slap their faces and expose them for what they are.

I have a great time listening to music,  spending lazy Sundays in bed with my lover, chocolate, and earl grey tea (not necessarily in that order). Shopping, landscaping, and flirting shamelessly are my favorite out of bed hobbies

I’m a girl, dreamer and a PITA :-P. I’m a picky brat and my standards are high, also, I think size does matter. I’ll try everything at least once and love a healthy dose of kink. Treat me well, and I’ll be your princess!


I love all things girly, with a twist. Frilly knickers with army boots, plaid skirts and over the knees socks with my darkest tattoos. I’m a total skin and hair whore and I just can’t have enough of those. Shops I love?  Too many for my Linden dollar balance.  I love shopping at Dutch Touch, Truth, Elikatira, fri.day, Luck Inc., HUZ Tats, Nayar, WoE, Artilleri, Atomic, Boom and so much more it would get boring to read on.

I don’t have a real review policy. But I don’t like creating expectations either. If you send me stuff, I promise I will try it on, but I can’t promise I will blog it, soon or at all. It also depends on time and mood… and yes, also if I like your stuff or not.  I’m a pleaser, but this is not open for discussion.

♥ Jinx

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