Lily Lightning

Doe Eyed, Freckle Faced, Miss Lily Lightning grew up the daughter of a preacher man.  A daddy’s girl her whole life she’s lived life in church pews, and following in her God fearing mama’s footsteps.  Sweet little Lily grew up a country girl.  Milking cows, attending Sunday School, and curiously watching boys from afar.  We know though, that our curiosity always gets the best of us, and eventually, even a freckle faced, doe eyed preachers daughter has to find a little fun.  Don’t be surprised if you catch this rural princess in the barn loft, or down some back country road in the neighbors truck bed. After all, there’s 6 days between each Sunday and she’ll need something to dirty up her slate before she wipes it clean again.

My Style: Thin cotton summer dresses, or a comfortable old pair of jeans and my favorite casual tank top.
Likes: Horses, going barefoot, country music, sweet tea, lilacs, and dominant men (hey someone has to teach this sweet country girl a few tricks…)
Dislikes: Big cities, rude people, high heels, and too much make up!
Favorite Stores: Belleza, Caroline’s Jewelry, Elikatira,, ISON, Izzie’s, Kyoot, Mon Tissu, Truth, Whippet & Buck, Etc…

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