Lolli Popz

I am the cherry on top of your cupcake. Adorable, charming, delectable and sweet as candy… that’s just the surface. I’m one of those girls who is so sweet you could throw up. I’m one of those girls who could melt in your mouth. You wish I did. Dig a little deeper and you will find playful, cheeky, provocative, powerful and dangerously flirtatious. I love to be treated like the little princess that I am. Spoil me rotten and I’ll be syrup to your lips. My personality is highly concentrated with delicious bursts of juiciness but I have major ADD, so don’t expect me to concentrate. No added sugar required.

What’s my style, ey? Cute..actually freaking adorable, if I may say so myself! I love pretty mini-dresses, harem pants, pouffy skirts, slutty shorts and tiny tops. I like to rock these up with studs and tattoos. I love my boots and have but over 150 pairs! If it’s cute, I probably have it. My wardrobe is full of colourful and pretty things. I never leave without my piercings, tattoos and chained necklaces, though. Merge cute and sassy then you’ll land on me.. I hope so.

Likes: Bubblegum, red velvet cupcakes, lollipops, Skittles and strawberry- flavoured EVERYTHING. Girly chats, fun stuff, pink and boys.

Dislikes: Bitterness. People who think they’re more precious than her. Roughness, rudeness and disrespect.

Likes Men Who Are: Boys. Strong-minded, chivalrous, classy, confident, charming, alluring, adorable and stylish boys.

Currently Found in Wardrobe: Gos, Maitreya, Gala Phoenix, Apple May Designs, Naith Smit Designs, Amerie’s Naughty,, COCO, Mandala, *BOOM*, Luck Inc. Cynful, SAKIDE, !lamb, Nox, Garden of Ku, Truth, Exile, Magika, Wasabi Pills, So Many Styles and tram.

Disclaimer: Lolli is not responsible for any teeth and gum decay suffered by readers and fellow bloggers.

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