Mia Dagger

I’m wickedly sexy, fun, uninhibited, and ready to break any rule set in front of me. I can be one of the guys;  Kicking your ass at Soul Calibur, matching tricks on the half-pipe, and drinking you under the table, or I can be super girly and wow you with a demure strip tease. I’m not afraid to jump in the mosh pit and throw a few punches, but give me an Argento film, a bottle of Southern Comfort, and a few nibbles on the neck and I’ll purr like a kitten. Pretty girls with thick thighs and skinny boys that smoke make me melt, so if you fit the description, give a girl a call. 😉
Loves: Bruises, Intoxication, Beards, Vanilla Lipgloss, Toilet Humor, Biting
Hates: Authority and Hairy Asses
Crush: Johnny Knoxville
Shopping: Mon Tissu, Kyoot, Tres Blah, Fashionably Dead, FIR & MNA, Maitreya, Wasabi Pills, Magika, fri.day, Theosophy, Lamb, Clawtooth, PDA, and so much more.
Music: Japandroids, Sleigh Bells, MF Doom, Tom Waits
Books: Valley of the Dolls, Filth, Catcher in the Rye, Hell’s Angels, Heart of Darkness
Films: Brazil, The Reanimator, Evil Dead 2, Young Frankenstein, anything Italian Horror

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