Trixie Belle

They say a Texas girl can tell you to go to Hell and make you think you’ll enjoy the trip. I’m no exception. I was trained early on how to be the perfect lady, but there are some lessons that Mama never taught that I figured out on my own – like how to wrap a man around my little finger with no real work. I’m sweet as sugar and willing to please…as long as I get my own way. And you can be sure that my darlin’ Hubby is more than willing to make sure I get what I want.  After all, if the wife isn’t happy, NOBODY is happy.

My style is fitting to a classic Texas girl.  I’m just as happy in jeans and boots as I am in heels and dresses. I tend to love pastels, lace, and anything soft. [Well…not ANYTHING.]

Likes: Beautiful houses, shopping, real men, diamonds, being pampered
Dislikes: Rude salespeople, trend whores, fake flowers, bad wine
Shops At: Truth, Elikatira, Gos, Kyoot, Maitreya, Lelutka, Aura, Celoe, Mon Tissu, and anywhere else that has gorgeous items, especially if they are mesh!

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