Dottie Dash

They call me Dottie Dash. It’s one of those annoying inside jokes, so don’t bother asking. I
like to give off that “tough girl” vibe, when really I’m a total softie with a bit of rawr
packed away inside. I love a good sense of humor, but I’ll laugh at my own jokes if you’re
too bland. I love everything that even hints at being corny, dorky, nerdy, or geeky. I like
the words “chick” and “dude” and I make no apologies. If I’m not out partying hard, I’m
definitely at home playing games, it’s usually the latter anyway.

I admire: People who blur the lines between male and female.

I sing: All the time, and yes in the shower.

I write: On the back of bus seats.

I’m moved by: Everything, I’m kind of short.

My type: I love all those basement dwelling boys! I love mama’s boys, and awkwardly shy

Favorite position: It probably involves a chair at some point.

Style: I like clothing that doesn’t feel like I’m wearing it. I want to put it on and still
feel naked. I’m into belts and buckles. I love my piercings and tattoos, I’m sort of an
addict. I like shaved heads, crazy-dyed hair and ‘hawks.


In Second Life, Dottie Dash is better known as Dove Swanson, a poo obsessed dork with an irresistible personality.  She spends her time in SL mostly slacking off when she should be creating more amazing stuff for her store, Long Awkward Pose, one of SL’s most beloved and well-known pose stores.

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