Fever Cadence

You can call me Fever, Feve, Cadence, whatever. Just don’t ever get the name wrong or you’ll find yourself stuck underneath the front wheels of my car. Why the name Fever? ‘Cause I like to turn up the heat. I’m a true child of the night scene – as the rest of you are winding down, cozying up in bed for the next 8 hours in preparation for your boring 9 to 5 job in the morning, I’m only just getting started. You can find me either bar hopping (just being the sober companion of course), dancing to loud music in subways, or somewhere around the drag racing scene. If I’m not behind the wheels or watching from the sidelines, I’m probably getting a tune-up somewhere in someone’s backseat…
Likes: Bright lights, neon colors, fast cars, loud music, running naked through extravagant water fountains
Dislikes: Breakfast in bed (Uh, crumbs anyone? Wtf.), not having enough bass, policemen – the only time I want to be wearing handcuffs is in bed.


In Second Life, Fever Cadence is better known as Annette Voight, owner and talented designer of the popular store, Decoy.  When she’s not designing for Decoy, she’s probably found on plurk, giving friends her touch of sweetness and sass.

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