Kiki Rose

Kiki Rose is a 26 year old female from West Hollywood California. She is a vegan and owns a bulldog named Khloe. She’s very shy but she will bust your balls if she has to. Kiki can be a bit of a nerd and goofball always going out of her way to make people laugh. She has a passion for street art and is known for her “cest la vie” attitude. She moved out of her home at 16 and had to grow up faster than the majority of the kids her age. She trained to become a tattoo artist but didn’t find it satisfying enough. She didn’t earn the most desirable income so she moved around alot and slept quite a few nights on friends couches. She discovered that she could make her own clothes to save funds. Friends and people on the street noticed her style and asked her where they could find items like hers. This gave her the idea to start her own clothing company, La Vie en Rose. She is now a very successful clothing designer in Los Angeles.


In Second Life, Kiki Rose is the gorgeous Kianna Noel, talented clothing designer of AddiCt.  She one of the sweethearts of the fashion world and is best known for her sexy but subtle style, and as the sparkle in the eye of her RL and SL partner, Naith Smit.  Recently, she started her own fashion blog, Petunia Bounce, where she shows off her impeccable styling sense with her own little touch of sugar.

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