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Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,


I’m writing you this letter

So you can plainly see

That, though I’m on your naughty list

There is some back story.


See, Springtime rolled around this year

And I realised that my

Quota for good deeds and such

Wasn’t very high.


So I sat down and thought really hard

(I think some brain cells died)

And I came up with this brilliant plan

Of being a girl guide!

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Life’s A Beach

It was a boring Thursday afternoon when I got a phone call from Ginger with a hot tip about a new beach she’d heard about. I had nothing else to do and I felt like playing with something pretty and tanned so I grabbed my newest bikini and some lotion and off I flew to find a partner to make the afternoon more interesting.

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Bite Me

Hard. Bite my neck. Bite my shoulders. My neck…. my ears…. my lips.

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A Typical Saturday Night

By his presence on stage.. you could tell.

By the swagger and sway of his hips jumping to punctuate each music note.. you could tell he knew his way around the curves of a guitar or an ample body, and we were just like teenage girls in heat that pushed our way to the front of the stage to get his attention.

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Finger Work

Oh my goodness, it’s been so long! I’m sorry for deserting you my darlings but sometimes life just gets too busy and hectic and I forgot to come and share my adventures with you. I am mortified to have left you for so long and I promise it won’t happen again. But enough about me, let’s talk about you. How much did you miss me?

Today has been another busy day but I thought this might be a day you would like to hear about. You see, my services have been employed as a “muse”. Now, to be honest, I  don’t have the least idea what a “muse” actually does but it appears, from previous occassions, that my job is to sit around looking fabulous while a gorgeous specimen of the male species tinkers with his keys.

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Oral Fixation

I’m not sure I have ever shared with you one of my many talents. Did you know I could sing? I’m actually rather good even if I do say so myself. I personally think it’s all the exercise my vocal chords get during one of my other favourite activities (I have never been one to keep quiet when I’m enjoying something) but let’s keep that between us. Today however, I am exercising them publicly in another way.

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A Lady’s Garden

I know it may be hard to believe, but my life isn’t just one big social event after another. I mean, a lot of it is, but I do get a day off now and again. On those days I find there are chores that must be taken care of despite my hatred of them. Gardening is one of them.

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When I Grow Up

I remember being young and being asked what I wanted to be when I grow up. When I was six I wanted to be a princess. Now I’m…….well, older than that and my ambitions have changed somewhat. I want to be adored.

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Getting Physical with Fizzy

The problem being predisposed to getting naked in public at any available opportunity is that you really need to have the goods to back it up. This is where a good workout is a must.

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Pepper and Fizzy’s Big Night out

Once upon a time, two beautiful princesses decided they led such hard and stress filled lives that they decided they needed a night out of fun and relaxation. This is their story.

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