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A Typical Saturday Night

By his presence on stage.. you could tell.

By the swagger and sway of his hips jumping to punctuate each music note.. you could tell he knew his way around the curves of a guitar or an ample body, and we were just like teenage girls in heat that pushed our way to the front of the stage to get his attention.

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Southern Belles Like it Hot and Steamy

Daily bathing, light perfume, clean and nice-looking hair, manicured nails… some may call it high maintenance, but to a good Southern Belle it is necessity. Momma used to have to hogtie and drag me to the bath when I was a little girl, but now bath time is one of my favorite times of day, second to only bedtime, if y’all catch my drift.

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Presenting Georgia Grace

A Southern Belle must be presented into society with a Cotillion Ball in her honor.

Hi y’all! I am just pleased as punch to make your acquaintance and it’s your pleasure – I assure you. Like every Southern Belle, I had a Cotillion Ball. It was a little later than most. My Daddy, bless his soul, wanted me to finish my education first. After Daddy passed on, Momma turned into a lush and graduated from mint juleps to moonshine. I was entertaining a gentleman caller on the front porch one night when Momma caught us. She got the vapors and had a tragic fall off the front porch. Since Momma and Daddy were gone, my Cotillion was left up to my Uncle John and his wife. His wife disliked me more than a mosquito on a humid summer’s night and insisted my Cotillion be held at their home rather than the Country Club. That night, I wore a gorgeous white gown, tons of pancake makeup covering my tattoos, Momma’s pearls, and the “Hussy Red” lipstick my Uncle’s wife hated so much.

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